Joanna McFarland

Non-objective art is free from conventional, representational art such as landscape and figures. They are expressions of personal liberation, into which I invite you to explore and discover. I follow in the footsteps of 20th century abstract expressionists such as Clyfford Still, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. But I have an affinity with contemporary non-objective painters such as Kazuo Shiraga, Saburo Murakami, Fujiko Sharaga and Lila Lewis Irving.





Jazz Vespers: An Evening Of Remembrance

jazz-vespers-2016-posterJazz Vespers, is an evening of remembrance in music, poetry and prose at St. Mary Magdelene Anglican Church in Picton, Prince Edward County, on Friday November 11th at 7pm. I was delighted to be asked to contribute a painting to compliment the poetry and prose and music.  READ MORE...




ap_logoblockDelighted to be exhibiting at The Artist Project, Exhibition Place, Toronto. FEBRUARY 23 - 26 2017.





painting gazes backWhen a painting gazes back with the most intriguing question anyone can ask of another: Who are you? The answer is: A Mystery.  READ MORE...



'Shadows On The Grass'

joannamcfarland.caMusic has a great influence on me.  One evening while listening to John Barry's theme from Out of Africa... READ MORE...






‘Baco’The winery's flags were snapping in a breeze.  The vines' leaves rustled.  And a glass of Baco Noir tipped... read more.



MAY - New Hanging in the Garden Gallery; Guest artist at GG&S - Andrew McFarland, Greased Lines
JUNE - Guest artist at GG&S - Andrew McFarland, Greased Lines
JULY - Guest artist at GG&S - Yolanda Pop, Catching Dreams
AUGUST - Guest artist at GG&S - Andrew McFarland, Greased Lines;  Sandbanks Winery & Baxter Arts Centre - Art In The Vineyard, August 13 & 14, 11am to 4pm
SEPTEMBER - Prince Edward County Studio Tour; Sept 16 - 18 & 24 - 25



Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday. 10am to 5pm. Or by appointment.

233 Main Street, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.  K0K 3L0

t: (613) 399 5892

e: joanna@joannamcfarland.ca

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