Joanna McFarland

Non-objective art is free from conventional, representational art such as landscape and figures. They are expressions of personal liberation, into which I invite you to explore and discover. I follow in the footsteps of 20th century abstract expressionists such as Clyfford Still, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. But I have an affinity with contemporary non-objective painters such as Kazuo Shiraga, Saburo Murakami, Fujiko Sharaga and Lila Lewis Irving.



The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair

ap_logoblockDelighted to be exhibiting at The Artist Project in Toronto!

Works of art from over 250 top contemporary artists from Canada and abroad.  

Visit my Page. Visit my Booth No. 935.  

Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, 195 Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto.

Get a $5 discount on regular admission tickets for Friday February 24th - Sunday February. Please note that the code is valid until February 26th at 6pm EST.



I live on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Flocks of wild Canada geese spend the winter with me. Swans and other kinds of geese stop by to refuel and rest before heading further south. 

36 x 36 inches; acrylic canvas



I love the varied scenes in this painting. Like a collection of short stories with an intriguing connection.

28 x 38 inches; acrylic on stone paper



I had been listening to Dave Brucbeck's Take Five, that classic piece of jazz from 1959, with the 5/4 vamp.  I felt so cool and composed. I also went big!

h. 8ft x w. 4ft (96 x 48 in); acrylic on canvas



This painting, to me, are windows of opportunity. They have souls and purpose.

28 x 38 inches; acrylic on stone paper


'Shock Wave'

Sound and music is so important to me in choosing my colours and shapes.

36 x 36 inches; acrylic on canvas



painting gazes back'Gaze' -When a painting gazes back with the most intriguing question anyone can ask of another: Who are you? The answer is: A Mystery.  READ MORE...



SolemnJazz Vespers - An evening of remembrance. Poppies
bloom only in disturbed ground. I wanted to express that fact of nature, so I set gentle, fragile poppies into a sobering scene of turmoil and futility.  I named the painting ‘Solemn‘. READ MORE...

Opallos: October ChangesOpallos: October Changes - The Greek word opallos means ‘to see changes of colour’.  It is also the origin of ‘opal’, October’s birthstone, which flashes with colour.Closson Chase Vineyards’ lovely big barn is a great setting for my non-objective work. READ MORE...



Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday. 10am to 5pm. Or by appointment.

233 Main Street, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.  K0K 3L0

t: (613) 399 5892

e: joanna@joannamcfarland.ca

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